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European banks are faced with enormous competition on a global scale. Only a few banks will reach leading roles and will be able to cover all operating areas. All other banks will limit themselves in order to shore up special competence.


For the bank-clientele, it is necessary to draw up a personalized profile with an unique and scaled chain of added values combined with and supported by an unique and superior FIN-Tec IT system connecting mobile customers, bank products, bank advising and bank processing. We see especially nearly all market players in Continental Europe underestimating or even neglecting the market demand in application of FIN Tec to support acquisition and customer convenience and to support the replacement of more and more unattractive and costintensive local advise and processing. 


Our clientele can accomplish the following:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the market and its potentials
  • Adapt business segments and products to market requirements
    • Fully utilise the changes and various forms of the capital market
    • Evaluation, control and design of credit exposure and trade risks ex ante as well as manage and process them ex post
    • Advice to value and to sell balance risks in true sale or hybrid sale or synthetic sale and the arrangement of such sales
    • Rapidly implement the strategies in lean and efficient organizational forms with our help
  • ​We advise our clients in
    • ​market and market potential analyses
    • business field and company strategies
    • capital market ans corporate finance / treasury concepts
    • portfolio and risk management strategies
    • capital relief strategies
    • in the efficient implementation of developed strategies

We always approach the bank oriented projects by analysing

  •  market requirements and positioning on best practice level for product performance and convenience, core competences, IT/Fin Tec implementation, organisation, costs, proces, marketing concepts

  •  and compare the best practice results versus the results of according internal anlyses.

  • and derive from the results of such analyses implementable and advantageous strategies which we accompany during implementation on client´s demand.




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