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Insurance companies can anticipate even greater competition as result of deregulation than the banking sector. It is important to insurance companies to be able to serve both their private and commercial customers in future at much more reasonable costs and more personally. This necessitates not at least advantages in terms of magnitude to profit from scale effects and the implementation of superior FIN Tec applications to connect customer, insurance products, insurance processing and marketing in mobile systems.


Additionally we see the industry totally underestimating the challanges and requirements of a proper risk pricing according solvency II similar as the banks did 10 years ago with Basel II especially related to real estate and infrastructure investments, because it´s not computing formulas but it´s applying know how and real competence. We are ready to support the industry with our know how proven in the development oft the HypZert  and LGD grading concepts for the German Pfandbriefbanks


Against this background, we advise our clientele primarily with regard to securing and expanding their business through participation and cooperation strategies as well as with regard to the classic areas of:

  • Asset Management and risk pricing according Solvency II (see attachement)
  • Sales and market expansion through strategic alliances and / or takeovers
  • Cost efficiency
  • Organization
  • New products
  • Outsourcing or sale of operating areas that are not part of the core business or unprofitable
  • Sale of nonstrategic or too small or unprofitable or run off portfolios to specialists or to industrial solutions
  • Creation of industrial solutions for to cost intensive products or too small portfolios or for asset management solutions by application of modern IT and FinTec developments.


We always approach insurance related projects by

  • analyzing market requirements and positioning
  •  core competences
  •  best practice of competition, organisation, marketing, IT systems and FIN Tec,  revenues and costs
  •  compare internal with external positioning

and derive from the results of such analyses implementable and superior strategies which we accompany in implementation on client´s demand.


For details about Solvency II we refer to below client information attached.

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