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Real estate investment in Europe changed in the past 10 years from a regulated and tax-oriented investment to a classic capital investment and is thereby competing globally with other capital investments, particularly in infrastructure, stocks and bonds.


This initial situation demands careful definition of objectives and strategic consulting and implementation for our clientele that despite belonging to the large business still maintains structures of medium sized companies. What is needed are truly operational concepts and strategies with the following focus:

  • Market and feasibility-studies
  • Concepts for user, marketing, investors and financing
  • Optimization of complex public and institutional property through corporate real estate and public real estate strategies
  • Optimization of institutional real estate inventories through internationally oriented portfolio management on the asset side, combined with corporate finance strategies such as concepts for going public, participation and financial engineering etc. on the liabilities side.
  • Development concepts and its finance
  • Structured finance concepts for all kind of real estate owners
    • concept and ​arranging of equity, mezzanine or debt capital
    • development of capital marktet concepts like REITs, Pre-IPO / IPO, bonds, CMBS, MBS
    • MBO / MBI and its finance
    • capital increase 
    • captal relief and risk reduction


We always value existing real estate, concepts, projects and portfolios under the aspect of sustainable use and suitability by objective criteria with quantitative methods and by international standards. We apply rents and costs mark to market.

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