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History Weichs Consulting


Weichs Management Consultants was founded in 1994 by Caspar Freiherr von Weichs as a management consultancy for business and investment strategies in financial services and real estate.


Curriculum of C. Freiherr v. Weichs



  •  2 years apprenticeship with Siemens AG for industrial administration (Siemens Stammhauslehre)
  • 5 years Karlsruhe Technical University with diplomas as industrial engineer in production and business administration (Dipl. Wi-Ing.) and as engineer in time & motion studies (REFA-Ing.)


Work Experience:

  • 3 months Trainee at Siemens USA
  • 3 years Senior Accountant at Whinney Murray Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young)
  • 2 years Ass. to CEO Dr. Jung AG, Investment  Advisors and Asset Managers
  • 3 years Managing Partner K&W Residenzbau Development GmbH
  • 2 years Cofounder and CIO Bauwert Development AG (now Bauwert Investment Group)
  • 8 years Managing Partner Dr. Seebauer & Partner Strategic Management and  Investment Consultants (now Mercer Oliver Wyman)
  • 25 years Senior Partner Weichs Management Consultants


 Consulting Focus: 


We advise national and international firms and institutional investors in the financial services sector in strategic questions regarding the German speaking market in Europe with the goal of a parallel optimization of the operational and capital market orientation.


In this task we are focussing on

  •  company and marketing strategies,
  •  on trasury and controlling,
  •  services,
  •  corporate and public real estate,
  •  portfolio management, fund concepts,
  •  indirect real estate investments (funds, REITs, listed real estate     corporations),
  • sale and purchase of non or subperforming real estate and corporate loans of banks and run off portfolios of life insurances
  • risk management, valuation /pricing and recovery concepts
  • capital relief concepts for banks and insurances by hybrid, synthetic or true sale of assets or risks or by application of re-insurance concepts for insurances and pension liabilities
  •  feasibility studies, site studies, user concepts,
  •  structured finance and its placement (equtiy, mezz., loans, bonds),
  • IPOs, M&A, MBO, LBO.



  • Venture Capital Club München
  • Advisory Board Cluster Initiative Bavaria for New Materials




Since 1981 lots of articles about

  •  real estate and loan portfolio management
  •  private, commercial, investment
  •  real estate banking and development
  •  public and corporate real estate
  •  facility management
  •  Basel II
  • Solvency II
  •  open ended and closed ended investment funds
  •  REITs
  •  asset management
  •  corporate and structured finance
  •  sales and corporate strategies in bank and insurance business


 For details please have a look under "publications".


For a quick information about Weichs Management Consultants we prepared a profile to download as attached.









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