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We solve the whole project task in an organized team work approach preferably in workshops with the client. By such an approach the client receives very high consulting quality because nearly always a partner is leading the work shop team. Also such approaches create very high acceptance in client´s teams because all team members are fully involved and therefore responsible for the results. This eases a quick and succesful implementation.

We solve especially strategic tasks  by analysing and comparing internal positioning versus external positioning regarding

  • market requirements and positioning
  • core competences
  • best practice of competition regarding core competences, marketing, organisation, performance, convenience, revenues and cost

​​​       to prevent "new inventing of the wheel".


We derive from such results in joint workshops with our clients implementable strategies which we accompany in implementation on client´s demand.


We approach corporate finance projects by preparing an investment memorandum including

  • Disclaimer
  • Description of the deal and major contracts
  • Market positioning and pricing
  • Dynamic investment calculation
  • Financing concept
  • SWOT-analysis (strengths, weaknesses,opportunities, threats)

We prepare and discuss with the client a long and short list of possible targets, which we approach after finishing the investment memorandum.


We normally accompany the client to the succesful end of the project.



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